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Initial Online Psychiatric Evaluations

Our initial meeting where we will discuss all aspects of your life, why you are seeking treatment, and goals for treatment. This is an opportunity for us to get to know one another and together formulate a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Psychiatric Medication Evaluation

Usually part of the initial evaluation, we will discuss previous experience with medications, current symptoms, and formulate an appropriate medication regimen to target those symptoms.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Thirty minute follow-up appointments are utilized to assess for efficacy of your medication regimen, and monitor for any side effects you might experience. These visits will be an opportunity for increasing, reducing, or changing medications based on your response to treatment, and discuss any other concerns you may have.

Consultation with Other Providers

To ensure that you are receiving the best & safest care possible, (with your permission) I will maintain contact with other providers involved in your treatment, including: therapists, primary care providers, and other medical specialist you may see. 

Off-site Laboratory Monitoring

Some medications require blood levels to ensure that you are receiving the safest, most effective dose. Others require monitoring of other labs to ensure you are not experiencing any unwanted effects. We are connected via an electronic medical record (EMR) to various local labs, so you can just walk in, get your blood work done, and the lab will electronically send your results to our office for interpretation. 

Community Support Referrals

If you or your family need more support outside of visits with us and/or your therapist, we can provide referrals to local support groups, complementary practitioners, and other resources as appropriate. 

Substance Abuse Evaluations with Risk of Recidivism
(As Required by MA RMV)

Some individuals may be required to undergo substance abuse evaluations with risk of recidivism due to a court order, or as stipulation imposed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Massachusetts after receiving a DUI, OUI, or Immediate Threat determinaton.
We conduct these evaluations and report findings directly to the RMV.

What we do NOT do...

Replace Your Therapist

Our practice focuses on pharmacological (medication) treatment of various mental health conditions. While we talk about issues and provide support, we do not replace seeing a licensed therapist regularly. For many mental health conditions, most evidence supports utilizing both medication and psychotherapy to optimize your treatment. 

Make Decisions
for You 

While we can make recommendations regarding your treatment, ultimately, decisions regarding your care are up to you. We work collaboratively with our clients in developing a treatment plan focused on their target symptoms, while trying to assist with problem solving skills.

Share your Confidential Information Without Your Consent

Except in cases where your safety or the safety of others is in imminent danger, we do not share any confidential information about you or your treatment with others without your written consent. It is highly recommended that releases are signed for therapists and any other medical providers involved in your care, as well as any family members or friends that your would like involved in your treatment.

Project Any of Our Own Beliefs Onto Your Experience

You are an individual and deserve to be treated as such. Furthermore, our office is not a place to judge others' beliefs, thoughts, lifestyles, life choices, etc. We make it a priority to maintain strong boundaries that do not allow our personal beliefs to impact your care.

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